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Top 10 Hospitals for Boxer Fracture Treatment

Boxer Fracture Treatment

Boxer Fracture Treatment – Every sport in the world contains the risk of injury. Most of the time, a sports injury is not going to be severe, but some sports, such as boxing, wrestling, and hockey, contain the risk of broken bones.

In those cases, a person has to go through specialized treatment to get treatment for broken bones. Boxers are one of the most vulnerable to getting fractures and broken bones because both parties have to punch each other to win the game.

Yes, boxing is somewhat safe, but the risk of broken bones as compared to any other sport is going to be much higher. For example, it can be impossible to break any bone while playing badminton, archery, etc.

As you know, there is a risk, so we have to talk about boxer fracture treatment so that every new boxer can treat himself and get back in the ring as fast as possible.

Diagnosis of Boxer Fracture

Before we talk about the treatment options for boxer fracture, let’s take a look at the diagnosis process. The timing of any disease is very important, and it is not necessary that you have broken your finger or bone if you are experiencing pain at that place.

The diagnosis of any broken bones will require a physical examination from a medical professional. Most times, doctors are able to narrow down the possibilities by taking a look at the point of pain and asking some questions regarding the same.

Your doctor might ask you to get an X-ray image of the place of pain. For example, boxers who are experiencing pain in their hand might be asked to get an X-ray image of their hand.


Boxer Fracture Treatment Options

Before we move ahead, let’s first discuss the main query of the day, which is boxer fracture treatment options. 

The treatment options for a boxer’s fracture will totally depend on the severity of the injury. In case you have not broken your bond and the doctor might ask you to do some home remedies which can help you recover at a much faster pace.

On the other hand, boxers who have broken the bone might require a plaster and other combination of treatment. 

  • In case the injury is not severe, then your doctor might ask you to apply ice on the hand.
  • You might also be asked to use a splint to hold it stable while your hand heals itself.
  • At the same time, you will also be requested to give as much rest as possible to your hand or the place of injury.
  • You should also keep your hand above heart level.
  • Your doctor might also ask you to take some prescription or over-the-counter pain medication in case you are experiencing pain due to the injury.
  • Apart from all that, your doctor might give you anaesthesia to correct the dislocated bone.
  • In some cases, you might also require physical therapy to regain full use of your hand.
  • You should also perform some home exercises to regain the strength of your hand.
Boxer Fracture Treatment
Boxer Fracture Treatment

Cost of Boxer Fracture Treatment

The cost of books to correct your treatment totally depends on the severity of the fracture. In case the fracture is non-surgical, then the cost of overall treatment is going to be less than 50% of what surgical treatment costs in the United States of America.

Nonsurgical treatment

If you don’t have any health insurance whatsoever, then the whole diagnosis and treatment, including X-rays and doctor fees, is going to cost around 6000 U.S. dollars. 

If you check the rates of boxer fracture treatment at Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center in Lincoln, NE, then you will find that it is going to cost around 5800 U.S. dollars without including doctor fees. On average, doctors charge 90 to 200 U.S. dollars an office visit.

In case you have health insurance, then your treatment will be covered by your health insurance provider. You might have to pay just 10% to 50% of the total cost.

Surgical treatment

Any athlete who does not have any health insurance and experiences a boxer fracture might have to pay around 7000 to 15,000 U.S. dollars for the whole surgical treatment.

As compared to non-surgical treatment, surgical treatment is going to cost around 100% more. Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center in Lincoln, NE, has also mentioned that you might have to pay around 6000 to 13,700 for surgical treatment of boxer fracture.

Best Hospitals & Doctors for Boxer Fracture Treatment

Boxer pressure treatment is not that complicated. Most hospitals have Orthopedic doctors, and they are well capable of providing boxer fracture treatment.

In case you are struggling with a boxer fracture, then you can visit a nearby hospital and ask for an orthopaedic surgeon. They will be able to help you more than enough. We have also listed the top ten hospitals for boxer fracture treatment in the United States.

  • Hospital for special surgeries in New York.
  • Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.
  • NYU Langone orthopedic hospital New York.
  • Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center and orthopedic hospital in California.
  • Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL.
  • Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland.
  • Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.
  • Rothman orthopedics at Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia.
  • Houston Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX.
  • Stanford health care hospital in Stanford.

These are not the only hospitals in the United States with the option of boxer fracture treatment. It is a fairly simple treatment, and you can get it at any orthopedic surgeon or hospital with an orthopedic facility.

In case you are not able to find any nearby hospital with an orthopedic facility, you can also call 911 and ask for the same. They will be able to help you. 

Can anything cause complications in Boxer Fracture Treatment?

Usually, nothing can cause complications in boxer fracture treatment unless it is left unattended. After the treatment, there might be some minor complications, such as the inability to grip or hold things. At the same time, a permanently crooked finger is also possible. Lastly, you might also experience decreased range of motion in the finger.

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