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What is the Effectiveness of Colon Cancer at Home Test? – Where to buy it? – 2022

Colon Cancer At Home Test – Awareness is one of the biggest weapons in fighting against colon cancer. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, colon cancer is among the most common cancer in the United States. the

In the last few decades, the federal government and health administration have been doing a tremendous job of educating every person in the United States regarding several types of cancer, including colon cancer.

Now, most people in the United States understand the importance of screening for cancer. If a person can detect colon cancer at the first or second stage, then the treatment is going to be very easy as your doctor can remove the cancer using colonoscopy or endoscopy.

Technological developments in the medical sector have also helped the government to lower the death rate due to cancers. Still, more than 50,000 people in the United States lose their lives due to colorectal cancer.

Several companies are working in this field to make at-home tests to detect colon cancer as early as possible. A few companies have recently launched at-home colon cancer tests. Today, we will discuss everything related to that.

What is a colon cancer test at home?

Now, you’re probably wondering, What is at home a colon cancer test? The United States Food and Drug Administration has approved three at-home colon cancer screening tests, but only two of them are being used.

The purpose of an at-home colon cancer test is to look for any early signs or symptoms of cancer. As per the health experts, most people suffering from colon cancer do not develop any symptoms unless the cancer has already reached stage two or three.

The problem with stage two and stage three colon cancer is the treatment options. With any type of cancer, especially colon cancer, the treatment at stage one is very easy. Doctors can remove cancer using a simple colonoscopy or endoscopy.

Type of at-home colon cancer test

Now, let’s take a look at the major types of at-home colon cancer tests. Even though different companies make different types of tests, we will only talk about two types of tests based on their result time.


Cologuard is Among the best at-home colon cancer tests. The pricing of this test can vary, and it depends on the insurance you have. The purpose of the test is to find blood in stool and abnormal DNA that came from colon polyps.

You cannot simply buy Cologuard over the counter. The test is available with the prescription. Your primary care provider can order you and prescribe you the test only if you meet the eligibility criteria for colon cancer screening.

Colon Cancer at Home Test
Colon Cancer at Home Test

Usually, it takes around 14 days to provide results after mailing your samples. Yes, you have to collect your sample on your own and send it to the laboratory. Your testing kit will also include a clear description of how to use the testing kit and collect the sample.

You just have to make sure that you are collecting a full bowel movement while avoiding any urine or putting any toilet paper in the container. 

Pinnacle Biolabs second-generation FIT test

The second type of at-home colon cancer test is the pinnacle bio lab second-generation FIT test. It is a complete self-test, which means you have to collect the sample by yourself and conduct the analysis at home without sending the samples to any laboratory like any other test.

The test can provide results within seven days. The test is only capable of finding the blood in your stool if it is available or not. It will also contain every material needed to carry out the self-test and find the blood in the stool.

The test is a bit complicated for the general public, but it can provide you with results within seven days. The company will attach a step-by-step guide and instructions so that you can easily take the test without any complications.

What is the effectiveness of at-home colon cancer tests?

The effectiveness of at-home tests is not going to be as accurate as colonoscopy. These tests are going to just find the blood in the stool, which can be caused by other diseases also.

If anyone is suffering from hemorrhoids and they take a colon cancer test at home, then the test might result in a false positive due to the availability of blood in the stool caused by hemorrhoids.

Apart from that, for people who are not getting blood in their stool but they have an abnormal polyp, these home tests won’t be able to detect that.

 Because of all this confusion, health experts suggest everyone consult with them before they start taking at-home colon cancer tests. Any false positive can create a huge doubt in your mind.

Usually, health experts suggest these types of tests every year to repeatedly test a patient.

Where to Buy Colon Cancer at a Home test?

Now you might ask where you can easily buy these at-home colon cancer tests. You can easily buy these tests on the official website of the manufacturer.

For example, if you are looking for a pinnacle Biolabs second-generation Fit test for colon cancer, then you can use the button given below. The button will directly take you to the product page on the website of pinnacle Biolabs. You can easily purchase that test for just $25.

At the same time, if you are looking for Cologuard, then You can ask your prescriber, or you can also request them using their official website. Cologuard Test is only available at the prescription of health experts. You can use the below-given button to directly reach the official website of Cologuard and request it online.

How much does a home colon cancer test cost?

The pricing of at-home colon cancer tests is going to be different depending on the test and health insurance of the person. For example, pinnacle bio lab second-generation fittest is available at just $25. At the same time, other tests start at $49.

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