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How Long Should I Take Gabapentin for Nerve Pain?

Gabapentin Dosage

How Long Should I Take Gabapentin for Nerve Pain

How Long Should I Take Gabapentin for Nerve Pain – Gabapentin is a God medicine when it comes to saving someone from seizure or Neuropathic pain. It has the power to lower the possibility of seizures due to epilepsy, and at the same time, it can also help you lower the neuropathic pain caused by several diseases.

If you are taking gabapentin drug for your nerve pain, then you might be asking yourself, how long should I take gabapentin for nerve pain? How fast it can provide results, and how long the results are going to last? There might be a huge number of questions in your mind. Let’s take a look at two of those and find answers.

Before we move ahead and talk about anything else, let me tell you there are two different types of gabapentin medicine. The first one is an extended-release, and the other one is an immediate release. Both medicines provide equally same results, but the timing of those results can vary, depending on the type of medicine.

Gabapentin for Nerve Pain in the Short term

If you have been prescribed gabapentin medicine for nerve pain, then you have to take the medicine for at least one day to see the results when it comes to nerve pain.

At the same time, the type of medicine can also affect the speed and benefits in the short term. For example, an immediate-release gabapentin drug is known to provide faster results in the short term as it can dissolve in your body in just two or three hours.

On the other hand, extended-release of gabapentin drugs can also provide results in the short term, but it may take at least two or three days to see those results.

You have to take gabapentin for one to three days for nerve pain, and the results will come depending on the type of the medicine.

Kindly remember, A huge number of factors can also affect the timing of results in the short term, for example, the type of the brand, strength of the product, kidney function of the patient, weight, and age of the person.

These are the few things that can affect the speed of the gabapentin drug in the short term. Sometimes these things can also affect the long-term results, but the possibilities are very few.

Gabapentin for Nerve pain for long term

Medicine for neuropathic pain, whether it’s gabapentin or some other alternative, is always going to be very tricky for your doctor. Your doctor has to understand dosage, the severity of the symptoms, response to the medicine, and side effects When it comes to gabapentin for nerve pain in the long term.

Generally, your doctors keep increasing the dosage of the medicine till you start seeing the result in the short term. Once you have started making progress, your doctor will find the best dosage where the risk of side effects is very low, and you can also take it for a longer period.

For neurologic pain, your doctor might suggest you keep taking medicine for at least six months. After checking up on your symptoms at regular intervals, your doctor will either adjust the dosage or create a plan for you to stop taking medicine.

No matter what, even after six months or seven months, you are not supposed to stop taking medicine on your own. Gabapentin is a dangerous medicine when it comes to side effects, and you should always consult with your doctor before you stop taking medicine.

Your doctor will always Lower the dosage of the medicine before You are completely cut off. If you suddenly stop taking medicine, it always increases the risk of neurologic pain attacks or seizures if you are taking it for that also.


When it comes to neurologic pain or nerve pain, gabapentin is one of the best medicines available on the market. Even though it contains several side effects, the benefits of taking the drug are way more.

To see the immediate results, you should take gabapentin medicine for nerve pain for at least 24 hours. Even though you can see the results immediately, a huge number of people might feel good results once they have taken medicine for at least 24 hours.

Lastly, you should take gabapentin drug for nerve pain for at least four weeks to see the full benefits of taking medicine. During these four weeks, your doctor will keep checking your symptoms and response to medicine at several intervals. After trying and testing, your doctor will find the perfect dose for you where the risk of side effects is going to be very low, And the benefit potential is going to be very high.

Kindly remember, even if you are not getting any benefit from taking medicine, you should never stop taking it without consulting with your doctor first.


Can I see the results of gabapentin as soon as I take medicine for nerve pain?

As per the experts, there are three stages of results when you take the gabapentin drug for nerve pain. You may experience initial results of taking gabapentin as soon as you take the medicine. Secondly, those who were not able to feel the results immediately will feel it within 24 hours of taking the medicine. Lastly, the full benefits of taking gabapentin may take three or four weeks, depending on several factors.

Can I take a double dose of gabapentin if I miss the previous one?

If you ever missed the dose of the gabapentin drug, you are advised to take it as soon as you remember it. But, there is one condition attached to that statement. If it is time for you to take the next door and you have already missed your previous one, then kindly do not take a double dose or two doses within a short span of time. It can increase the drug levels in a New York body, and you might experience symptoms like double vision, tiredness, etc. You are always advised to call 911 and ask for medical assistance if you ever overdose on the medicine.

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