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Hydroxyzine – Side Effects, Uses, Dosage


Hydroxyzine – Hydroxyzine Is a very popular medicine to treat a number of physical conditions. A doctor might prescribe you hydroxyzine to treat anxiety, allergies, etc. the medicine can also control tensions caused by nervous and emotional conditions.

As per the Food and Drug administration, hydroxyzine is only available with your doctor’s prescription in the United States of America. It is available in three different forms. You can get hydroxyzine as an oral tablet, syrup, and capsule. 

Warnings for Hydroxyzine

Even though hydroxyzine is known to provide so many benefits, such as relief from anxiety and allergies, it has a few warnings, and you should know about it before using the medicine.

You should let your doctor know about each and every allergy you have. Even if you don’t have an allergy, you got some unusual allergic symptoms after taking any other medication.

If you are already using any other medicine, you should tell your doctor about it because hydroxyzine can cause serious health problems. You should be very careful while mixing it with other medications.

Doctors usually don’t recommend you to drive after taking hydroxyzine because it may impair your thinking or reactions. 

You are also advised to stay away from alcohol after taking medicine. Alcohol may increase certain side effects of hydroxyzine.

If you are suffering from liver or kidney problems, you should tell your doctor about it before starting hydroxyzine. Your doctor might need to adjust the dosage and monitor you closely for any possible side effects.

Calling your doctor or 911 should be your first priority if you ever get any side effects due to hydroxyzine.

Side effects of hydroxyzine

Let’s talk about a few side effects of hydroxyzine, and as you already know, if you ever get any side effects due to the medicine, you should let your doctor know about it as soon as possible.

Kindly remember that side effects can happen due to users of hydroxyzine, but this doesn’t mean that everyone who takes medicine will get these side effects.

Side effects depend on a lot of factors such as the age of the person taking medicine, any other health condition, prescribed dosage, mixing it up with other medication. 


Sleepiness is one of the most common side effects of hydroxyzine. Many studies have proved that after taking medicine, sleepiness was one of the most common symptoms. 

Doctors usually recommend that you should avoid driving if you get sleepiness as a side effect of the medicine. Once you know how hydroxyzine is going to affect you, you can start driving again.

Usually, sleepiness goes away within a few days after you first start taking hydroxyzine. But if it doesn’t go away within a few days or you have extreme sleepiness, you should let your doctor know about it, and your doctor might lower the dosage.

Skin reaction

Many people have reported back skin reactions after taking hydroxyzine oral tablets. It is also very popular feedback by the people who were taking hydroxyzine oral medicine. 

Can cause excessive sweating Stevens-Johnson syndrome. On the other hand, regular skin problems such as rash, itching, red skin, and skin irritation are also very common after taking hydroxyzine.

Low blood pressure

Studies have proved that hydroxyzine can cause low blood pressure. Low blood pressure is also popular feedback. It is a practical side effect, and It was reported by people who were taking medicine.

Even if you don’t get low blood pressure, it can still happen if you overdose on Hydroxyzine oral tablets. 

Other than that, people with heart diseases also have higher chances of getting low blood pressure due to hydroxyzine. 

If you mix hydroxyzine with your other antidepressant medication, it might cause low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure can also cause a few other symptoms. Usually, you won’t have any symptoms unless your blood pressure is extremely low.

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Blurry vision
  • Lightheadedness
  • Lack of energy


As you already know, hydroxyzine can cause low blood pressure. Even though you won’t feel low blood pressure unless you keep checking it or blood pressure is at extremely low levels, you might start feeling weak earlier.

Weakness after taking hydroxyzine is a common symptom in people who were also having side effects of low blood pressure. 

Experts usually recommend that if you ever feel weakness after taking hydroxyzine, it could be due to low blood pressure and eventually lead to loss of consciousness.


Before your doctor recommends hydroxyzine for your other physical condition, the doctor might tell you that it can cause Constipation. Many people have reported it back, and it is also a very common side effect of hydroxyzine. Usually, Constipation goes away within a few days. But if it doesn’t go away on its own innocent days, you should contact your doctor.

Other side effects

Now let’s talk about a few other common side effects of hydroxyzine. When you first start taking the drug, you might get a dry mouth a lot. At the same time, it is also possible that you have fatigue and nausea.

Many people have reported back that they are having trouble concentrating and they are in a constant form of confusion. Headache is also a common thing when you have trouble concentrating.

Dosage of Hydroxyzine

The dosage of hydroxyzine completely depends on the person taking it. Your doctor Will suggest your doses depending on a few things such as Your age, previous history with related drugs, any allergic reaction, history of any alcohol or drug abuse, other medical conditions, etc.

Your doctor might recommend you to take Hydroxyzine three or four times a day with or without food. Tablet or capsule form of hydroxyzine Is very easy to take, but you should be very careful while measuring the liquid form of the drug.

Hydroxyzine with a limp setup form, and you should use a special measuring device to measure the exact dosage.

You are not advised to increase or decrease the dosage of hydroxyzine. You should consult with your doctor and let your doctor know about the response after taking the drug. 

If you get any side effects or you are not seeing any improvement in your symptoms, you can stop taking it but consult with your doctor first.


Hydroxyzine Is a very good medicine to treat allergies and anxiety. The ratio of benefit to side effects is in favor of benefits. Many doctors suggest it treat itching also.

There are a few side effects associated with the medicine, such as sleepiness, low blood pressure, skin reaction, etc. you should not worry about these side effects because side effects depend on a lot more things than just the medication.

Can hydroxyzine cause weight gain?

No, hydroxyzine can not cause weight gain. There is no study related to weight gain and hydroxyzine. Other than that, people have Haven’t reported weight gain due to hydroxyzine. If you are still concerned about weight gain because of the medication, you can talk to your doctor. Your doctor will suggest to you a few healthy ways maintain your body weight.

Can I consume alcohol after taking hydroxyzine?

There is no direct answer to this question. You can not consume alcohol after taking hydroxyzine, and you can do it too. Generally, doctors recommend maintaining a gap of two hours between consuming alcohol and taking your medication. You should consult with your doctor.

Can I take hydroxyzine during my pregnancy?

Doctors recommend not to take hydroxyzine during your pregnancy or if you are breastfeeding. The drug is known to cause harmful side effects in newborns. Newborn babies might have a lack of oxygen in the brain or muscle weakness if the baby was exposed to the medicine during pregnancy. In some cases, it was also the reason for decreased activity in the central nervous system.

What will happen if I overdose on hydroxyzine?

Under any circumstances, you are not advised to overdose on hydroxyzine. There are many symptoms caused by an overdose of the medicine. You might experience abnormal heart rhythms and low blood pressure at the same time. It is also possible that it can cause extreme sleepiness. While in some cases, it can also cause vomit.
 If you have severe symptoms, you can call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room and ask for medical assistance. 

What are the major benefits of hydroxyzine?

Your doctor might recommend hydroxyzine if you are suffering from anxiety and or a planned surgery. Anxiety is a very unpleasant feeling, and no one should suffer from it. Many allergies can cause itching and other skin conditions such as eczema. But you should be very careful while using hydroxyzine there are a few side effects associated with the medicine.

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