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Common & Severe Covid Symptoms in Kids – COVID19 Symptoms

Covid symptoms in kids – In the last 33 months, since the first spread of COVID-19 in the United States, health experts have kept coming back with different information regarding the virus. These updates and studies regarding the virus have helped scientists to develop vaccines and other measures to contain the spread of the virus.

The first two people were very scared as there was no treatment or cure for the virus, but health experts came up with data stating that it is not as deadly a virus as one might think. After that, health experts came up to the conclusion that COVID protocol, including regular testing, social distancing, and face masks, can help contain the spread better than the COVID vaccine.

Now, the virus has once again started spreading in several cities in the United States, and it has become very important for regular people to refresh their knowledge regarding the virus and ensure their safety. That is why today we are here to talk about everything related to COVID symptoms in kids. We will take a look at what new studies are saying and how you should be prepared.

Long COVID symptoms in kids

A few days ago, 30 were published regarding the long COVID symptoms in kids, and it concluded that there is a Probability of 25% that a kid might get long COVID symptoms after getting in contact with the virus.

The study was very shocking as the probability of getting long COVID symptoms in other age groups is far less as compared to kids. The study successfully concluded that there is a higher probability of getting long symptoms in kids And youngsters.

Researchers of the study further mentioned that nearly 30% of children who were hospitalized for COVID-19 add symptoms related to the virus for more than a couple of months. Both things are very shocking as an adult person can get better from the infection of COVID-19 within one to three weeks, Depending on the variant.

The study further mentions that a kid might experience several different kinds of long COVID symptoms. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released a separate set of guidance mentioning that there is a probability that you might experience a long list of symptoms as a long COVID.

Researchers found that those Who are experiencing long COVID have mood swings, fatigue, and sleep disorders as among the most common symptoms. Apart from that, kids are also experiencing an inability to exercise and memory loss.

Common COVID symptoms in Kids

Before we move ahead, let’s first take the regular symptoms of COVID-19 in kids. Technically, column markets are not experiencing any new symptoms of COVID-19 whatsoever, but some kids are experiencing less common symptoms.

Covid Symptoms in kids
Covid Symptoms in Kids


Fatigue is among the most common or word symptoms in kids, as more than 70 to 80% of kids experience fatigue as soon as they get infected with the virus. The study has also recognized fatigue as among the most prevalent symptoms. 

If your child is also experiencing fatigue or extreme fatigue for the last few days, then you should take a COVID test as your kid might be positive for the virus.

Shortness of breath

The second most common COVID symptom in kids is shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. In the sixth year of COVID-19, a huge number of kids have already been diagnosed with shortness of breath and positive for COVID-19.

Yes, it is common that your kid might experience shortness of breath after playing something outside and it is not directly linked with COVID-19. But, your kid should not be having shortness of breath while staying indoors and lying in bed.


Similar to COVID symptoms in adults, kids are also experiencing Cough as among the most common symptoms of COVID-19. The latest study published in the journal of Pediatrics also confirmed that kids are experiencing cough as the most common symptom of COVID-19. In case your child is also experiencing cough, shortness of breath, and fatigue at the same time, then you should take a COVID test at home to ensure that your child is not positive for the virus.

Fever and body aches

Another most common COVID symptoms in kids are fever and body aches. Most kids who have been brought to the hospital for the infection of COVID-19 were experiencing muscle and body aches along with a high fever. From the very first day of the spreading, fever and body aches have become one of the most common symptoms in every variant.

Other symptoms

Apart from the above-given list of COVID symptoms in kids, there are some other common symptoms. The latest study mentioned that each child might also experience headaches and muscle aches during the infection of COVID-19. At the same time, there is also a probability that a kid might also lose their sense of taste.

Any one or two symptoms are not an indication of the infection of the virus as all these symptoms are also associated with general diseases. For example, a person can experience fever or body aches due to a regular flu infection. 

In case you have any doubt regarding the symptoms, you should consult with your health care provider or get a proper test.

Less common COVID symptoms in kids

Before we move ahead, let’s first look at the less common and severe COVID symptoms in kids. Yes, kids can also get less common and severe symptoms of the virus, and they are not naturally immune. 

The health experts have recently released their report stating that those killed might experience sore throat, headaches, and body aches when they get infected with the virus. At the same time, some kids are also experiencing diarrhea, rash, discoloration of fingers, and redness in the eyes.

All these symptoms are less common, and you won’t find many kids with these symptoms who are also infected with the virus. Health experts around the world will suggest you not self-diagnose a kid with COVID-19 without taking a proper test. 

Rare COVID symptoms in kids

Lastly, there is a probability that your kid might develop some rare COVID symptoms. The probability of developing rare symptoms is around 2 to 5%, but you should be very careful when your child gets infected with the virus.

The latest study regarding the symptoms of COVID in kids has mentioned that your child may get difficulty breathing along with shortness of breath as a rare COVID symptom.

Apart from that, there is also a probability that your child also loses speech and mobility. You should also make sure that your child has any confusion or chest pain. All these symptoms are very rare and dangerous.

In case your child develops any of the above-given symptoms, then you should consult with your healthcare provider. Your child may require hospitalization.

How long can COVID symptoms last in kids?

The timeline of COVID symptoms is completely the same in kids as in adults. It is going to depend on the variant of the virus. For example, the original variant of COVID-19 could impact a person for more than two weeks. Apart from that, it could also take more than one week to develop the symptoms.

The latest submarines of the omicron virus do not have that big of a timeline. A person can start developing symptoms of COVID-19 after three to five days of their exposure to the virus, and a similar timeline is with kids also. 

For example, if your kid gets exposed to the virus on the 1st of August, it means your kid can develop symptoms of COVID-19 till August 6th.

The timeline of symptoms staying in your system has also been reduced. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe that a person can start feeling better from COVID-19 after starting symptoms on the 5th to 7th day. 

In case your kids start developing symptoms related to COVID-19 on August 6th, it means your kid can start getting better after the 11th or August 12th.

Another interesting thing regarding the latest variants of COVID-19 is that they are not imposing much risk or severe symptoms. Most people are getting better without any medication or hospitalization. Still, every health expert in the world will suggest you consult with your doctor if you or your kid gets exposed to the virus.

How do you avoid long COVID symptoms in kids?

As the risk of long COVID is increasing in kids, parents need to understand every possible thing to avoid long COVID symptoms. One of the best pieces of advice to avoid long COVID symptoms in kids could be not to get infected in the first place. You should do everything in your hand to not get infected and get vaccinated to reduce the risk of development.

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