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CVS Rapid Covid Test – COVID19 Testing Near Me

CVS Rapid Covid Test

CVS Rapid Covid Test – There is a lot to talk about when it comes to vaccines for COVID, but every person in the world, including health care experts and governments, accept that COVID testing is one of the most effective weapons against the spread of COVID-19.

The federal government of the United States has already made it pretty clear with several updates and notifications that every person in the country should get himself tested regularly to make sure they are not positive for COVID-19.

In the United States, several pharmaceutical giants are providing free rapid COVID testing at more than 10,000 locations throughout the nation. These pharmaceutical giants and other testing locations have been sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and they are getting funding from the federal government.

The cases of COVID-19 are once again rising in most states of the country, and it becomes very important for a person to understand how easily they can get tested for COVID-19. Keeping that in mind, today we are going to discuss CVS rapid COVID test.

CVS Rapid COVID Test Booking Process

Similar to other pharmacies in the United States, CVS pharmacy also asked every American to get an online appointment before they come to visit for CVS rapid COVID test.

Without a proper appointment, CVS pharmacy or minute clinic is not going to will not quest to test you for COVID-19.

You have to use their official website to create a CVS rapid COVID test appointment. We have created a step-by-step tutorial for the same, and you can follow these steps to create a new CVS rapid COVID test booking.

  • To create a new appointment at the CVS minute clinic, kindly click on the above-given button.
  • That button container directly links to the appointment page at the CVS minute clinic. 
  • Once you have landed on the official appointment page, you have to enter your zip code, city name, or complete state name.
  • After that, it will ask you a bunch of yes-no questions. You can answer the questions as per your current situation.
  • Once you have answered all the questions, it will take you to the next page, where it will show you all the pharmacies available in your neighborhood according to the zip code you entered.
  • You can select any pharmacy you want from the list, and it will also ask you to select the date and time of your appointment.
  • At the same step, it will also ask you to click on the test you want to get for yourself. CVS clinics have three different types of tests.
  • Even for rapid COVID tests, CVS minute clinics have two different options. The first option will be the willing test, and the other option will be the will aid test.
  • For better results, we will suggest you go for the second regular rapid test option. It might also be named Rapid PCR.
  • Once you have selected your test type along with the date and time of your appointment, now you have to enter the complete information of the patient.
  • You have to enter the complete information of the patient, such as full name, gender, date of birth, complete contact information, health insurance information, etc.

Kindly remember not to enter any wrong information as you have to present your one photo ID at the time of testing. Apart from that, you can also provide your Social Security number, If you are not carrying your photo ID at the time of testing.

In case you do not enter the right information or fail to provide one photo ID, then CVS minute clinic holds the right to cancel your appointment, Or you have to pay for the test. As per the current rates, you have to pay around 139 U.S. dollars for a COVID test.

CVS Rapid Covid Test
CVS Rapid Covid Test

Locate CVS clinic for Rapid Covid Test

Before we wrap this session, let’s take a look at how you can easily locate a CVS clinic for rapid COVID tests. CVS is among the biggest pharmaceutical giants in the United States as they have more than 5000 locations throughout the nation. They have a presence in all 50 states in the United States, and you can get a rapid COVID test at any CVS location.

  • To locate a CVS minute clinic, you have to click on the above-given button, which will directly take you to the official website of the minute clinic.
  • The button will also redirect you to the CVS minute clinic locator tool. It is an official tool launched by the CVS pharmacy.
  • Once you have successfully landed on the tool page, you don’t have to do anything but enter your five-digit zip code, city name, or state name.
  • Once you have entered a five-digit zip code, city name, and four complete state names, it will show you all the CVS minute clinic locations nearby your entered address.
  • We suggest everyone go with a five-digit zip code, and it is going to filter out way more results than any other option.

It is an intelligent tool, so you don’t have to worry about anything. In case your zip code does not have any CVS minute clinic, then it will show you all the nearby locations by increasing its search area.

What are the charges of the CVS rapid COVID test?

There are no charges when it comes to CVS rapid COVID test if you are taking it for any purpose other than international travel. Every citizen of the United States is eligible to get a rapid COVID test at any pharmacy, including CVS. You just have to create an early online appointment and provide your photo ID at the time of testing.

What type of tests CVS pharmacy offers?

CVS Pharmacy and CVS minute clinic offer every type of COVID test available in the country. You can even create an appointment for a COVID test for international travel. Yes, you have to pay some amount to get a COVID test for international travel, but CVS Pharmacy also offers that service.

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