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Top Nursing Cover Letter Examples & How to Create Perfect Nursing Cover Letter?

Nursing Cover Letter Examples

Nursing Cover Letter Examples – Every job in the world requires a different set of skills. In some jobs, you have to apply more logic, while some jobs demand more hard work. Nursing is among the few jobs which require everything in the world.

Yes, you might have to apply every logic while you are an on-duty nurse. You have to work hard by standing on your feet for hours, and you also have to apply your logic whenever you see a patient with a slightly different type of disease or injury.

Nothing is simple in the life of a nurse, and that is why it is very hard for a person to get a job as a nurse. In most jobs, people will present their resume to get a job, but nursing requires you to add a cover letter so that you know why you are the right fit for the job.

Mistakes people make while writing a nursing cover letter

Before we move ahead and take a look at some of the best nursing cover letter examples, let’s take a look at the mistakes people make when writing their nursing cover letters.

Not making it professional.

One of the biggest mistakes everyone makes while writing a nursing cover letter is that they don’t make it look like a professional document. Yes, you have to write your nursing cover letter as a formal document. It is going to be read by a senior doctor, and if they see any irregularities, they might reject your proposal.

Making it fancy

As we have already discussed here in the nursing cover letter, we should be more professional rather than fancy. A lot of people make the mistake of making their nursing cover letter or cover letter for any other job fancier.

You can make it creative, but you should be very careful if it crosses the boundary from creative to fancy. The problem with fancy cover letters is that it is very hard for anyone to understand. Your whole letter should be very easy to read. 

Creating one cover letter

We all can agree that most people create just one cover letter for every job they are going to apply for. They believe a cover letter is equal to a dear resume, but it is not. There is a huge difference between a cover letter and a resume.

You can create one resume and send it to thousands of different companies, but you cannot send one cover letter to every company you are going to apply to.

You should mention the name of the person reading your cover letter, job position, hospital name, your current status along with your skills related to your job in the first paragraph so that the reader can easily read everything in just a few lines.

Wrong Skill Mentioning

It may sound weird to you, but you don’t have to mention every skill you have in your cover letter. A lot of people mention every skill they have while reading your cover letter, which can be one of the biggest reasons for your rejection.

You have to specifically mention the skills required for your job. For example, if the job you are going to apply for is in an emergency world, then you should be focusing on the skills required in that specific job. Similarly, if you are trying to apply for a job that is going to focus on ICU rooms, then you should write the skills required in ICU rooms first.

Not Buttering up

On a serious note, you have to mention why you are applying to that specific job in that specific hospital or clinic. When you mention your reasons for applying to that specific job and hospital, it gives it a clear sense that you are serious regarding your job. 

When you try to complement the hospital or the workers, it shows that you are a team player and you will be a good fit in the workplace culture. It will show them that you are a humble person. 

Nursing Cover Letter Examples
Nursing Cover Letter Examples

Top Nursing Cover Letter Example

Kindly take a look at the below-given example which will help you understand how you can easily write your nursing cover letter.

That is just an example, but you can always create using your writing skills. If you are copying our given example, then do not forget to clear all the personal data written in the cover letter as an example. Read your cover letter more than two times to make sure you are not making any mistakes.

Jenna Rhodes

Registered Nurse

Nevada state license #NV12345


[email protected]

January 21st, 2023

Ronald Reagan

Director of nursing

Saint Thomas Memorial Hospital

141, B block, Reno

NV 89511

Dear Ronald

I have been a registered nurse for over five years at the state Medical Center in New York City. I’m holding back to my home, and I am excited to find that you have a job opening on your medical staff as a registered nurse at Saint Thomas Memorial Hospital. With my expertise in informing patients about pain management techniques, reviewing laboratory data for problems and anomalies, and assisting in the emergency room, I believe I can be a valuable addition to your nursing staff as a registered nurse.

In the advertisement for the job, it mentions that you are looking for a registered nurse capable of accurately and effectively evaluating patients for medical symptoms. As a district nurse at the State Medical Center in New York City, I have successfully evaluated and identified thousands of patients for treatment and signs of illness.

I would be glad to work Under the guidance of hospital staff, as I have great respect for the staff and research conducted at the hospital. 

Could we arrange a sit-down or phone call interview to discuss how I can help Saint Thomas Memorial Hospital lessen its workload while increasing the quality of care?


Jenna Rhodes


[email protected]

How to create the best nursing cover letter?

It is very simple to create a nursing cover letter; you just have to make sure that you are not making any of the above-given mistakes. As inspiration, you can also take a look at our nursing cover letter example given above. Lastly, you can also hire A writer to do it.

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