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Best 8 Health Benefits of Brussel Sprouts

Health Benefits of Brussel Sprouts – In the ocean of diet food, there are thousands of different recipes and food items that are both healthy and tasty at the same time. Yes, it can be very hard when you first try these food items, but by that time, you will get used to them and start liking them for their nutrients and health benefits.

Brussels sprouts are among those popular food items which are very beneficial for your health, and they also provide good taste. It is among the deepest, most nutritionally dense, and low-calorie food items, which is the favorite of every fitness enthusiast.

If you look at the chart of the nutritional information on Brussels sprouts, you will find that just one serving of 88 grams of Brussels sprouts can give you enough vitamin C and vitamin K for your daily requirements.

Along with that, Brussels sprouts are also very beneficial for overall health. Today we will discuss a few health benefits of Brussels sprouts. And, I am sure by the end of the blog, you will start eating Brussels sprouts if you are not eating.

1. Improve Bone Health

The first and most important health benefit of Brussels sprouts is that they can help you improve your bone health. Brussels sprouts are rich in vitamin K1, which is very beneficial for your overall bone health.

Several studies in the last few years have already proved that low vitamin K intake can lead to a higher risk of bone fracture. It is very important for you to consume an adequate amount of vitamin K on a daily basis to keep your bones healthy and strong.

Along with vitamin K, Brussels sprouts are also a great source of calcium. I think everyone understands the value of calcium when it comes to improving bone health. Most health experts will suggest people on blood thinners consult with their doctor before they start eating Brussels sprouts on a daily basis.

2. Help in Diabetes

Diabetes is among the few diseases which do not have any cure at all. If you get affected with diabetes, then there is a probability that you have to live with diabetes for your whole life. There are some medications that can help you improve symptoms and maintain blood sugar levels, but they are not the cure.

Researchers have already concluded that Brussels sprouts contain an antioxidant named alpha-lipoic acid, which is a very important component in lowering the blood glucose levels in the blood. At the same time, it can also increase insulin sensitivity and prevent oxidative stress.

Not just Brussels sprouts but several green vegetables contain alpha-lipoic acid. Researchers have already proved that supplements that are rich in alpha-lipoic acid mag decrease nerve damage for people who are struggling with diabetes.

3. Cancer Prevention

Green vegetables, including Brussels sprouts, contain sulfur compounds which are responsible for their bitter taste. During consumption and digestion of these green vegetables, Sulfur-containing compounds break down into other active compounds, which may prevent cancer.

Even though most studies are inconclusive on the preventive effects of sulfur-containing compounds on cancer risk in humans, the National Cancer Institute concluded that the studies on prostate and breast cancer do not include many benefits from green vegetables. 

Still, numerous studies have already shown that compounds found in green vegetables such as Brussels sprouts might have powerful cancer-fighting effects. We are waiting for more in-depth research on Brussels sprouts and other green vegetables on the effects of cancer. Till then, you can include these vegetables in your diet if you are suffering from cancer as a preventive measure.

Health Benefits of Brussel Sprouts
Health Benefits of Brussel Sprouts

4. Eyes Health

Not just diabetes and bone health, but Brussels sprouts can also help you maintain your eye health. Several vegetables, including Brussels sprouts, carrots, and sweet potatoes, are rich in several nutrients which can improve your eyes’ health.

As you are already aware, Brussels sprouts contain plenty of vitamin C, which is very helpful in preserving my health and reducing the risk of cataracts. At the same time, Brussels sprouts are also rich in several compounds which can be converted into vitamin A in your body while digesting.

Researchers have already proved that food rich in carotenoids is associated with improved eye health, and it can also help you prevent eye damage caused by the ultraviolet rays emitting from your electronic devices.

5. Skin Improvements

Along with eye health and cancer preventive compounds, Brussels sprouts are also rich in vitamin C, which can help you improve your skin quality. People who are suffering from tired and dull-looking skin can start eating Brussels sprouts on a daily basis.

Researchers have already concluded that vitamin C is very important to improve collagen production to keep your skin firm and to glow. Vitamin C is also very helpful in protecting your skin cells against damage caused by sun and pollution.

If you are also struggling with dull skin and increased wrinkles at a young age, you should include vitamin C or Brussels sprouts in your diet. It can help you strengthen the elasticity of your skin to make you look younger than ever before.

6. Support Healthy Weight Loss

Brussels sprouts can also help you improve your weight loss goals. You might not be already aware, but you have to eat healthy fats to keep your body healthy and reduce the overall fat in your body. 

You will find hundreds of different diets in this world which will be high in protein or fat, but you will not find any diet which will have zero fat in it. Fat is not bad for your health, but higher levels of fat are. 

Everyone requires enough omega-3 and Omega 6 on a regular basis to keep their organs healthy. It Is a great way to increase or maintain omega-3 levels in your body.

You can further understand the value of calorie deficit and regular exercises and compound it with Brussels sprouts. As a result, you will start losing body weight.

7. Improve Gut Health

The health benefits of Brussels sprouts are not going to stop here. Along with other benefits, it can also provide you with the ability to improve your gut health. Health experts suggest everyone who is struggling with gut issues to include at least one serving of Brussels sprouts five times a week.

Brussels sprouts are also rich in fiber along with other nutrients, which can improve your gut health in several different ways. Western diets lag in fiber as we do eat a lot of Whole Foods. Brussels sprouts and fiber found in them can prevent Constipation and lower the risk of colorectal cancer at the same time.

If you are also struggling with any gut issues such as ghost patients and indigestion, you should include Brussels sprouts and other vegetables rich in fiber.

8. Good Source of Protein

 Brussels sprouts are not just rich in micronutrients such as vitamins and other minerals, but they can also become one of the good sources of protein for people who are following vegetarian or vegan diets. 

People who are on a western diet which includes meat, chicken, and eggs, do not require any additional protein sources but people who are vegetarian or vegan require as many protein sources as possible.

Every cup of Brussels sprouts includes four grams of healthy plant-based protein. To improve the taste of pressure sprouts, you can roast Brussels sprouts in olive oil, which will increase the taste.

Final Thoughts

At first, Brussels sprouts can be very difficult to eat because they do not have any good taste at all. In order to improve their taste, you can roast them in olive oil, which is why most people do not eat Brussels sprouts on a regular basis. 

As you have already read all the health benefits of Brussels sprouts, you can understand their value in your diet. Health experts suggest everyone include at least four to five servings of Brussels sprouts on a weekly basis.

It is among the good protein sources for vegans, which can improve your gut health and provide healthy fats for your overall good health. Brussels sprouts are also very important to improve your weight loss and provide several skin benefits.

Even though it is not concluded that Brussels sprouts can help you prevent cancer or pause the growth of a tumor, health experts are very positive as it contains several antioxidants which are directly related to preventing cancer. 


How many Brussels sprouts should I eat to get all the benefits?

There is no fixed value for Brussels sprouts, and you can eat them to get all the benefits. Most health experts suggest everyone contain at least four to five servings of Brussels sprouts each week. You can also include Brussels sprouts as one of your main meals of the day. People who are suffering from diabetes or cancer should consult with their doctor before they start eating Brussels sprouts.

What are the health benefits of Brussels sprouts?

We have described a list of benefits provided by Brussels sprouts. But it is not a complete list as well several nutrients provide different benefits. If you are looking for a full list of health benefits of Brussels sprout, you should consult with your dietitian.

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