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12 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit – DoctorDrug

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Health benefits of dragon fruit – Apart from regular food items such as apple, banana, avocado, and Kiwi, several fruits are very beneficial for your overall health. 

Dragon fruit is among those food items which are highly beneficial for your overall well-being. It first originated in Central America, and health experts also refer to Dragons fruit as a superfood.

It is a low-calorie, nutrition-dense, and antioxidant-rich fruit that is considered to be the best. There are several health benefits of dragon fruit, starting from diabetes to cholesterol. Today we will discuss a few health benefits of dragon food in this blog, so let’s get started.

1. Better Gut Health

One of the most important health benefits of dragon fruit is that it can promote healthy gut health. Health experts believe it is among the best food items as it is rich in natural fiber. 

Every 100 grams of dragon fruit contains 1.8 grams of natural fiber, which is prebiotic, and it can help you in the growth of good bacteria in the body. Later that bacteria will provide essential compounds for your body that your body cannot synthesize.

Not only that, but dietary fiber from natural sources can also improve your bound movement and treat any condition related to gut health, such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and gas. If you are also struggling with gut issues, then you should include dragon fruit in your regular diet.

2. Improve Heart Health

Along with better gut health, the health benefits of dragon fruit also contain improved heart health. Health experts and researchers believe that the seeds of dragon fruit are a rich source of essential unsaturated fatty acids.

You may know that our body requires a specific amount of fat regularly to keep our organs healthy. Healthy unsaturated fat found in the seed of dragon fruit can lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

Higher levels of bad cholesterol in our body can harden our arteries and lead to heart diseases. The presence of essential unsaturated fatty acids can lower the levels of bad cholesterol and improve our heart health.

Health experts suggest every person suffering from heart disease include dragon fruit as their regular food item in the diet.

3. Increase Weight Loss

Weight loss is a challenging thing for any human being. If you are not into health and fitness and you do not understand the concepts of a calorie deficit and calorie surplus, then it can be very difficult for you to make weight loss.

Luckily, several studies have already concluded that compounds found in dragon fruit can help you prevent obesity and also increase your chances of weight loss. 

Dragon fruit contains high levels of natural fiber along with water content. Both things together can boost your metabolism and help you stay away from obesity. At the same time, you can also include it in your weight loss journey and combine it with your calorie deficit diet to boost your weight loss process.

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit
Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

4. Help you with Diabetes

Dragon fruit is also known to help you with your diabetes by stabilizing your blood sugar levels. Dragon fruit can reduce your blood sugar levels, and it can be very helpful for people who are in pre-diabetic or diabetic conditions.

Several researchers have already concluded that glycemic control of dragon fruit is dependent. It means that the amount of dragon fruit consumed increased, and the blood sugar levels decreased. 

If you are also struggling with diabetes or pre-diabetic condition, then you should include dragon fruit in your regular diet and try to consume it daily. Even the dragon fruit is not a cure for diabetes, but it can help you maintain your blood sugar levels and save you from other complications due to diabetes.

5. Improved Immune System

Along with everything else, dragon fruit can also help you improve your immune system to fight against several diseases. Our body can fight several diseases, including infections, on its own without the help of any other medicine.

In scientific terms, it is known as the immune system, and everyone has a different immune system. Some people have better immune systems as compared to others. Health experts believe that vitamin C and other compounds found in dragon fruit can help you boost your immune system and prevent several diseases.

As you are already aware white blood cells in our blood fight and destroy harmful substances in our body, but they can be extremely sensitive to damage by free radicals. Vitamin C and other antioxidants found in dragon fruit can neutralize free radicals and defend your precious white blood cells.

6. Prevent Cancer

There is no fruit or food item in the world which can help you prevent cancer for sure. But, several fruits and food items have some compounds which can help you. It is always going to be a possibility until researchers find the real reason and preventive measures for cancer.

As you are already aware, dragon fruit contains higher levels of vitamin C, but it also contains several pigmented Carotenoids. Both things together can help you prevent and fight cancer.

As you are already aware, several antioxidants can reduce stress and fight against cancer cells. Researchers have also concluded that several compounds found in dragon fruit can inhibit the growth and spread of breast cancer cells.

7. Decrease Arthritis Pain

Researchers have already proved that dragon fruit also can decrease pain caused by arthritis. As you are already aware, dragon fruit has several compounds such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. Both of these things are very helpful to reduce pain caused by chronic diseases.

Your doctor might suggest that you increase or start the consumption of dragon fruit daily as it could be a home remedy for people who are suffering from arthritis and other joint pains.

8. Decrease Iron Deficiency

Last but not least, dragon fruit is also very rich in iron and vitamin C. Your health expert might suggest you increase the consumption of dragon fruit if you are struggling with iron deficiency.

Iron is among the most beneficial micronutrients in our body, which can help in the formation of red blood cells that carry oxygen to various parts of the body.

Increasing the consumption of iron is one thing, but absorption of iron is another. You can increase the consumption of iron by taking an iron supplement, but you will have to increase the levels of vitamin C because it is going to help your body absorb iron.

Dragon fruit is rich in both iron and vitamin C. The combination of both things will increase levels of iron consumption and absorption in your body. 

Other Benefits

Before we wrap this session, let’s take a look at other health benefits of dragon fruit. Health experts have already suggested that dragon fruit is rich in beta carotenes which are very beneficial for good eye health.

9. Vision Improvement

This compound alone is very valuable for overall health, and it can improve vision and reduce the risk of several age-related eye diseases.

10. Help in Pregnancy

Health experts might suggest that every pregnant woman increase their consumption of dragon fruit as a cheese rich in iron. The consumption of iron during pregnancy can help you prevent anemia. Dragon fruit also contains vital minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which are very beneficial to the health of the fetus.

11. Help in Dengue

Dragon fruit can be a superfood for people who are struggling with dengue. Several studies have already cooked up clues that consuming dragon fruit can help people affected by the dengue virus.

As you are already aware, dengue can decrease the white blood cell count in the human body, and dragon fruit does the opposite thing. With the help of vitamin C and other compounds, dragon fruit can increase the fighting ability of white blood cells.

12. Boost Brain Functions

Dragon fruit also can improve brain food if you are consuming dragon fruit regularly. It can help you lower the risk of neural degeneration. Several studies on animals have already concluded that dragon fruit can help you improve memory and learning abilities.


What is the nutrition info of dragon fruit?

Nutrition info of anything is very important for people who are into fitness. Per 100 grams of dragon fruit contains 264 calories. It contains 82 grams of carbohydrates and 3.5 grams of protein, and it also has 1.8 grams of fiber. Kindly do not go on 82 grams of carbohydrates as it is a natural source, so it is not going to impact your overall health. Apart from that, it also contains iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and vitamin C.

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